10 Online Jobs in India From Home

10 Online Jobs in India From Home

10 Online Jobs in India that Pay Rs. 25,000 – 50,000 PM from Home


Blogging is the most favourite way of making money & whenever someone ask me about online jobs i refer them to blogging only.The process is also simple, just create a website on a popular host, write good and unique content regularly and earn a handsome amount of income.

You can apply for any ad network to show case ads on to your website.Most popular being the Google adsense network.Here you can earn more than other ad networks easily


After your blog gets the required publicity and brand value you can start AFFILIATE MARKETING onyour blog.This is the method by which you can earn a commission by promoting products that you do not manufacture.Some of the famous affiliate networks are Shareasale, Amazon Affiliates and commission Junction. Reputed bloggeres in India use this method to generate
5,00,000 to 10,00,000 INR easily per month.

You can get good commissions on books, electronics and home decor products which you want to promote on your blog or website. For exact commissions refer the respective websites.I personally use amazon affiliate network.

You can join Amazon Associates India here.


Hundreds of Indian YouTubers like Technical Guruji, The Viral Fever, All India Bakchod, Wow Kidz, FunkYou are earning in millions.Thousands of small and medium entrepreneurs are earning through You Tube. The Averge YOU TUBE income of famous bloggers is around 1-2 lacs per month.

You can upload videos in the relevant niche inwhich you are comfortable in:
These can be:

a. Funny Videos.
b. Technical Videos
c. Entertainment Videos.
d. News and Related videos.

These categories can change according to your interests and preferences.You can refer various blogs and websites to Start a You Tube Channel


There is a huge potential of WRITING JOBS in India.

These jobs are categorized into the following categories

Web content writing
Ghost writing,
Technical writing,
Business writing,
Newspaper writing etc
Editing and Proofreading

You will have to be a pro at these because they require a lot of patience and expertize to master.One can earn 50,000 – 60,000 by doing simple writing jobs in India

Online Selling Jobs

If you are a manufacturer or want to promote your products then you can do so on online platforms like Amazon or your own website.After this you can promote them on social media and make a seven figure sale in good time.Dropshipping is also an option for people who do not want to invest in products themselves

Web Design & Development

If you are a good coder and have knowledge of basic programming languages then you can earn a handsome income through blogging and creata a career fr you in the online sphere. All you need is technical knowhow and a bit of marketing skills in order to succeed in Web Design and development services.

SEO & Digital marketing.

Another job which has gane much popularity today is the Digital marketing sphere. Here the compensation given is tremendous. Younger generation is going more and more into digital marketing jobs and finding it exciting. There are certain subdivisions of Digital Marketing which are given below:

SEO, SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
Content and Video Marketing
Email Marketing
SMO, SMM (Social Media Marketing)
Google Ads Account handling,etc

Data Entry jobs

These are simple tasks given on websites related to DATA ENTRY. There are two things which need to be taken care of in case of Digital Marketing services these are:

  1. Do background check for companies provding such offers.
  2. Never pay any fee for joining such jobs.

These can be copy paste jobs or image conversion jobs.

You can earn a handsome amount of 25,000 to 30,000 INR by doing DATA ENTRY Jobs in India.


If you have a good financial background have knowledge about stocks then you can use this option too as a cnvinient option to earn a decent amount of cash using market fluctuations to your advantage.The mose capital you invest the better chances of earning. There is a risk involved in this but if you are sure of your investment options then you can make a killing in this. Some famous names in Indian Stock market are Vijay Kedia and Rakesh jhunghunwala who have earned in Crores by doing investing and share trading. My Favourite invester is Mr Warren buffet from whom i have learned two basic rules
a. Never Loose Money
b. Never forget rule no 1.

So if you are passionate about stocks then this is the best place for you to begin a career!!


You can also become domain broker and sell domains bought at cheap prices. For Example if you buy a domain at 500INr you can easily sell it for 10k to 15k and some times more to earn handsome profits.
But be very careful while buying the domain it should be easy to remember and 15 characters or less. Many people have become Crorepatis by just selling simple domains. There is no reaso you cannot do it because it is the implest online job.


To be honest there are hundreds of such jobs but if you want to excel then you need to choose the field you really are interested in. I wish you all the best for your online job career and hope you do well..Cheers!!


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