Google AdSense Guide: How to earn a living through Adsense

Google AdSense Guide: How to earn a living through Adsense

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a product from Google which enables publishers to make a living through blogging. It is one of the most well-paying ad networks in the world. If you have an Ad Sense account then you are one of the few lucky publishers in the world. Google Adsense was first started in the year 2003 and gained popularity ever since.

How Google Adsense Works?

Google Adsense is one of the simplest methods for publishers to monetize their blogs and content. Once your blog is approved then you have to update some simple codes to your website so that AdSense is fully activated.

Google Adsense guide 2020
Google Adsense Guide 2020

After the approval process is over the blogger then has to find ways to drive more traffic to the blog. The users get paid when someone clicks on the ad or even sees it(Impressions).

The average CPM (Cost per Mile) for Indian bloggers can range from somewhere between 1$ to 3$ approximately. The average CPC( Cost per click) depends upon your content and quality of traffic you get.

Some of the advantages of the Adsense Ad Network are given below:

  1. It is the simplest ad-network to setup for bloggers
  2. Most Recognised Ad-network.
  3. There is no payment delay issue because it is a trustable network.
  4. You can use a single account for all your websites, there is no hassle of multiple accounts.
  5. There are great earning opportunities for all the bloggers through Adsense.

Please note that although there are many advantages with the Adsense network, it follows strict Program Guidelines which you need to follow.

How to Make Money from Adsense?

Be Selective About the Niche of your blog

A niche such as health, financial debt or legal niche has high CPC (cost-per-click), and other niches like movies or posters are considered as low CPC options. Technology Niche is a mid-Ad Sense niche. So be careful in selecting the niche you want to write in.

Write Quality Content (Most Important Factor)

The main factor in the popularity of any blog website is the content. If you write useless content you will not be able to succeed in the long run. You can add unique images and links to your content. Also research the topic extensively if you want to write something. And make sure it is not copied content.

Choose High Quality keywords:

Make sure you use long tail keywords in your blog post that lead to better conversions and help you generate more revenue. This way you will increase the chances of getting more traffic and increasing your conversion rate. Choose atleast 3-4 keywords in one streach.

Ad Placement

It iis very important to add advertisements to the middle of blog post which attracts the reader’s attention and can lead to more clicks and hence more revenue.

You can also optimize ads by placing them on the pages with more traffic so that you can get more fromm the ads.

Traffic Demography

Traffic coming from the US , UK or Canada would be high paying than the traffic coming from Developing counties lie India , Nepal, Bhutan ,etc. So target these regions only when you want to promote your content on social media networks, etc.


Adsense is not suitable for websites that only get visitors in a few hundred every day. You will need traffic of at least 5-10k a day to earn a decent living from your blog posts.


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