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How to Find the Best Web Hosting Service Provider in 2020?

How to Find the Best Web Hosting Service Provider in 2020?

Hello Friends, today we are going to discuss the importance and need for choosing the right web hosting service provider.

How to Find the Best Web Hosting Service Provider in 2020?

Today many businesses have started to promote their products digitally. On another hand, people started blogging to create a passive income.

Hence, all these websites and blogs need to be hosted on an Internet server to be visited by the people.

For this purpose, hosting services becomes one of the most lucrative services in the current decade.

A web hosting service is a service that provides all required technologies and equipment needed to host a website on the Internet.

A web hosting service provider is a company that offers web hosting services to the people.

Choosing a reliable web hosting partner is extremely important nowadays.

In this article, we will discuss How to find the right web hosting services for your website/blog? This guide will surely help people to come to a decision.

How Does Web Hosting Services Work?

All domains are hosted on a special computer called the Internet server.

This server is responsible for storing all website content and services to the client as is and as when requested via a browser.

Special software is installed on the internet servers to perform the current operation.

A domain name is required which people can use to access your website/blog.

Web hosting services basically have two major integrations such as a Domain Name, Hosting Web Server.

Types of Web Hosting Services:

We have discussed above the importance and operation of web hosting services. In this part, we will learn more about the various web hosting services being available on the Market.

Shared Web Hosting:

Many websites are hosted on a single big server. Special software is used to create separate logins to manage these websites.

Hence, the server resources like RAM, Disk Space, Processor are shared by the websites hosted in the single server.

This hosting is the most affordable and suitable for new bloggers, small business owners, and those who just starting their websites.

Managed WordPress Hosting:

This special hosting is also similar to shared web hosting but this server has some special servers installed to manage WordPress sites efficiently.

The pricing also similar and affordable as compared to shared hosting services.

Since most of the websites are powered by WordPress, and so Managed WordPress Hosting is often getting famous.

Virtual Private Server:

A big physical server is separated virtually into multiple virtual servers. Each virtual server has its own dedicated CPU, RAM, and Disk Space.

The virtual server behaves like a dedicated server and offers more computing resources for hosted websites/blogs.

It’s a bit costlier but suitable for growing businesses.

Dedicated Server:

The website hosting service provider allocates a dedicated server means a full server is being allocated to one website.

This type of hosting service is best suitable for intense resources and very high traffic websites.

This hosting is much costlier and is suitable for a big business website that receives millions of traffic every day.

How to Choose a Right Web Hosting Service Provider?

1. Figure out What hosting you need?

Decide what type of website are you going to build? A blog or a business website that has online payments and all.

A static site or a dynamic site that simply showcases your business or services.

Choose web hosts that offer require tools and software for the smooth operation of your website.

2. Your Monthly Budget:

If you are recently starting a business or a blog, a shared web hosting plan is enough at your beginning.

You can easily buy a hosting plan at Rs.89 per month, as most of the hosting companies are offering at the same price.

You will get all the mandatory tools to run your website smoothly.

3. Easy to Upgrade:

The Web hosting service provider have custom plans suitable for various business needs.

If you are just starting your business, shared hosting is enough. But, if your site grows, your hosting server needs to be upgraded.

Find the ease of migration from one hosting plan to another without downtime.

4. Support Team:

Before buying any web hosting plans from the web hosting service provider, ask for the sales after support.

Because we never know when we will encounter technical issues. Your hosting company’s support team should be easily reachable via email, live chat, phone call, etc. 

5. Reliability:

Make your the uptime of your hosting provider is high enough to make sure that your website is available any time on the Internet.

Your website should not get crashed or go down for no reason. Confirm whether your hosting provider takes necessary action against cyber attacks.

6. Unlimited Plans:

Selling unlimited plans is a common marketing trick. Most of the hosting companies are following this method to attract more new customers.

In reality, there are no truly unlimited plans ever, but they just show unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, etc.

But they constraint your hosting server in other sections.

7. Compare Key Factors:

Before buying a web hosting plan, compare the price of signup and renewal, backup policy, technical support, and server management.

Also, check the Initial server setup and cancellation policy. The reliable web hosting service provider should provide all these factors to their customers.


Web hosting is, therefore, an essential part of every business website or blog. Choosing the right web hosting service provider can help your business grow.

It’s not so difficult to find a reliable hosting service based on your needs. All you have to do is to understand your hosting requirement and make your hosting provider understand.


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