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There are many affiliate networks available for Indian bloggers but there are few that are the best. In this blog, we are going to list the five best affiliate networks for Indian bloggers. 

These networks can fetch you from anywhere to 1000 $ to 10,000 $ a month if done seriously. You can grow your affiliate marketing campaign gradually as the blog gains popularity. 

There are some main advantages of affiliate marketing given below:

  1. You can help people through positive reviews and help them make correct decisions.
  2. You can make a decent income from your blog through affiliate marketing.
  3.  You can collaborate with brands to showcase their products on your blog as advertisers and earn through that also.
  4. Lastly, everyone wants to be famous right. Maybe one day you can become famous through your hard work.
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These are just a few examples listed, there are many more. Now let us have a look at all the top 5 affiliate networks for a new blog.

  1. Share a Sale
  2. Commission junction
  3. Clickbank
  4. Amazon Associates
  5. Impact Program

Let’s look at them in detail

Share a Sale  

Share a sale is one of the oldest affiliate marketing platforms in the world that was founded in the year 2000. It has already paid millions of dollars to its affiliate partners. One of the most trusted affiliate networks which has a great reputation and solid trust. The approval takes 2-3 days’ time.

Join Share a sale here.

Commission Junction:

This was a network that was founded way back in 1998 and is still going strong. It has an array of companies where publishers can loin and earn through their programs. From technology to travel and retail, they have got it all covered. There is an approval time here too.

You can join Commission Junction here and earn.

Click Bank

Click Bank is the most talked-about affiliate network in the market today. It deals in every possible product in the market from health to hosting.

You can earn a decent commission here too. But you need to choose your products carefully. If you are into affiliate marketing you need to be on click bank for sure.

Join Click Bank today!

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is the largest and most widely used affiliate program on earth. It is in every possible country and corner of the world. Being the affiliate of a big brand the commissions are good and the bloggers can earn a lot through their program.

Impact Affiliate program

It is the fastest-growing affiliate program, the products here range from fashion, hosting and apps.


While all these programs are very good, there are two programs in the technology sector which I strongly recommend, they are WordPress Affiliate Program and Blue Host affiliate program which I use.

Choose your affiliate program wisely and stick to it for a long period.



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