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Unreal Engine vs Unity: Which is Better?

Unreal Engine vs Unity: Which is Better?

Unreal Engine vs Unity: Which is Better?

Unreal Engine vs Unity: Which is Better?

Unreal has been around so long and used in so many games, that it was developed Gettysburg address. Although not quite that old, (released in 1998), Unreal has a storied and multilayered history.It was developed by Epic Games. It has been used in all genres of games across the past twenty years. Titles like the original Deus Ex, Splinter Cell, and of course the Unreal Tournament series all have utilized this engine.

Unity was developed by Unity Technologies in 2005.Some famous titles using the Unity engine are the wildly popular Temple Run, Rust, Pillars of Eternity II, and 2017’s Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.


For many big studios, Unreal 4’s graphical quality is their preferred choice when deciding on graphical prowess.
Unity is a little on the lighter side where the graphics are concerned.

Unreal Engine vs Unity Asset Store

Another major consideration in choosing a gaming engine is the asset store.Now a days people like to drag and drop their favorite assets into their games.A major disadvantage for the unreal engine is that it’d props and assets are higher priced and of same quality as of the Unity engine.
The Unity asset store kills it when it comes to asset stores. The sheer number of assets you can download to use in your project is unmatched.


Depending upon your financial situation, you should choose your game engine.


The Basic version of UNITY is completly free.But if you have a tonne of cash to blow up then go in for the Unity Pro version, which will run upwards of $1500 for a one-time purchase of the program, or you can use the Pro version month to month for a subscription of $75 a month.

If you are a first time developer then i recomend you to use the completly FREE Version of Unity.Another positive thing for those on a tighter budget, you don’t owe royalties to Unity at all.


The base version of Unreal Engine is also free. There are other aspects of Unreal Engine like Teaching for professors and movie making also. In The case of Unreal Engine you will have to pay a part of royality to the Developers… I Know that is the sad part.But on the other side it has better graphics and over all a very powerfull software.

The royalties, although not ideal, is really a small price to pay for the power you receive through the program.

Unreal vs Unity Scripting

Unreal Uses Blueprints. Unbelievably, you can realistically create environments and complete games by using the tools in the blueprint.It’s a little less complicated than the Unity Game Engine.

The UNITY Game engine uses C# for scripting which is little more complicated.But HTML coders and programmers can learn and do some basic tweaking in the source code.
But from a personal poinr of view i really feel that UNREAL ENGINE is the real hero here also.


I know this is a little harsh for the UNITY fans but as far as quality goes, UNREAL ENGINE wins hands up for me on all the aspects,but if you want a simpler and basic engine for small games then UNITY game engine is the one for you.

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